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Inspection Reports

In respect of the Customs Commissionerates, the Central Board of Excise & Customs has vide Circular No.42/2002 Cus. Dated 18.07.2002 laid down that the entire range of systems and services being provided to the field formations would be inspected regularly and necessary follow up action taken as per the findings. The systems and services identified for inspection are:

 Visadex system at International Airport

Systems at other entry/exit points for proper indexing and monitoring of Alerts    issued by DRI.

Wireless network.
Baggage X-ray machines, IONSCAN, hand held metal detectors, hand held    search lights, door frame detectors, binoculars including night vision    binoculars, fire arms and ammunition etc.
Customs Marine Fleet force such as CPC, CPL.
Drug test kits.

As regards the officers required to inspect the above mentioned systems and services and the frequency of such inspections, the Board has decided the following:

 The jurisdictional Commissionerates will continue to be responsible for ensuring     proper and effective functioning of the systems and services in their charge.

 The systems and services will be inspected on monthly basis by the     jurisdictional Dy./Asstt. Commissioners or by an officer of the same rank as     nominated by the jurisdictional Commissioner. The inspection results will be     communicated by the concerned Dy./ Asstt.Commissioners to their respective     Commissioners on monthly basis.

In the Monthly Technical Reports (MTR) submitted to the Board and     Directorate General of Inspection by the Commissionerates, a separate     section may be introduced under the heading "Inspections of the Systems and     Services". Under this heading, the inspection results in respect of each of the     systems and services as mentioned above will be reported.

In the event of any failure noticed in respect of the functioning of any     systems or services during the month, the same will be specifically mentioned     in the MTR indicating also the action taken to correct such failures.     Immediate action will be taken by the jurisdictional Commissionerate to rectify     such failure expeditiously.The time taken to correct the failure should also be     mentioned in the report for the subsequent month.

In addition to monthly inspections by the concerned Dy./Asstt.Commissioners,     the proper and effective functioning of the systems and services provided to     the Commissionerates will also be verified on quarterly basis by the concerned     Addl./Jt. Commissioners and on half yearly basis by the jurisdictional     Commissioners. The details of quarterly/half yearly verification will be duly     reflected in the MTR ofthe relevant month.

Extracts of MTR relating to "Inspection of Systems and Services:" shall be     sent to DGRI, Commissioner (Preventive Operations) and Commissioner     (Systems).

The Directorate General of Inspection will consolidate the reports and submit     monthly report on the MTRs to the Board.

The relevant and important aspects of proper, smooth and effective     functioning of the systems and services reported by the Commissionerates in     their MTRs will be highlighted by the Directorate General of Inspection in its     report to the Board.

As and when the inspection teams of the Directorate General of Inspection     visit any formation for conducting inspection as per the existing prescribed     frequency/guidelines, they will also check the functioning of the systems and     services provided to the said formations and comment on their working and     maintenance.

In the event of any failure in respect of any system or services noticed by     the Directorate General of Inspection through the MTRs submitted by the     Commissionerates or during the visit of the inspection teams, the same will be     brought to the notice of the Board immediately. The matter will also be     concurrently taken up with the concerned Commissionerates on priority basis     so that such failure could be rectified within a reasonable period of time.