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The Directorate General of Inspection is an attached office of CBEC. In order to fulfill the obligatory requirement of constitution and Official Language Rules; a Hindi Cell has been formed in the office consisting of one DD (OL) one AD(OL) one Senior Translator and one Junior Translator. Hindi Cell is engaged in implementing the Official Language Policy in Headquarter Office of DG Inspection and so also working as nodal Agency coordinating between Ministry/Board and 102 attached/subordinate offices of CBEC.

Following are the main functions performed in the Headquarters office.

All translation work of DGICCE from English to Hindi and vice versa which includes translation of General orders, Notifications, circulars, reports etc.
As Member of Official Language Implementation Committee of Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, attending quarterly meetings and reporting progress of Hindi in Headquarter office    and as well as field formations of CBEC.
Convening Meeting of official language implementation committee of DGICCE in every quarter wherein position of implementation of tion of implementation of official language policy and targets of Annual programmes is reviewed, follow-up action on the decisions of committee meeting is under taken and progress reported in the next meetings.
Hindi workshop is organized to impart practical training to transact day to day business in Hindi.
Adequate number of employees/members of staff are sponsored for Hindi Typing/Hindi Stenography training
In order to promote Hindi Noting and drafting, cash award scheme   of Govt. of India, is implemented in the office and cash awards  are distributed in the Annual function every year. Hindi day/week is  celebrated in the office during which various competitions are held  such as Noting-Drafting, Hindi Essay, Antyackshri and recitation of  Hindi Poetry. Winners in these competitions are given prizes and  cash awards at the end in concluding function Prize distribution including cultural programmes are staged.
The DGI office is notified office under Rule 10(4) of the Official Language Rules and Four sections namely Esstt. , Accounts and ly Esstt. , Accounts and Customs Section have been specified for doing entire work in Hindi under rule 8(4) under Official Language Rules.
All officers and staff of the DGICCE are proficient in Hindi and actually transacting their work in the Official Language and work cial Language and work done by them in Hindi is reported periodically to ADG/DG through AD/DD(OL). As a result of constant vigil and watch on Hindi work,the overall correspondence has been increased to 92% Target of 50% noting in Hindi has already been achieved. Most of the sections are doing more than 50% noting in Hindi in files.
Progress in Hindi in DGI office has been recognized by the Ministry of Finance and Minister of Finance Shri Yashwant Sinha gave away Rajbhasha shield for the year 1998 for doing commendable work in Hindi. Further it is our pleasure that this office has been declared selected for Rajbhasha shield for the years 1999 and 2000. The Shields will also be awarded by the Ministry of Finance in the function to be organized shortly.